Miniatura® Mini-Rose

The Miniatura® dwarf rose is characterised by its distinctive, quaint blossoms. Its miniature bloom is very long-lived lasting from June to October. It is particularly suitable for use in flower shops. The Miniatura® rose and gypsophila makes a table decoration that is as delightful and radiant as it is elegant so it is also perfect for special occasions.

Romantic decorative ideas with Miniatura®

small rose blossoms
long flowering period

Dwarf rose with compact growth

Flowering season: June-October
Location: in sunny spots
Use: Potted on balconies or patios, as a garden plant or table decoration


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Miniatura®: Diese Pflanze unterliegt dem Sortenschutz ('ROP007' PBR) Nr. EU 20201009. Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur ist verboten!