Anything is possible! We produce, package and ship – which keeps nearly 100 employees busy during our peak season. At the same time, our ultra-modern production methods, not to mention decades of experience mean we can fulfil the individual wishes of our customers in record time. With our different production methods or cooling of plants, we can deliver a wide range of plants from our tree nursery in record time. 


Outstanding cohesion: Our 65 hectares for containers and 35 hectares of free land excel, especially because they are connected. As one of the largest container operations in the Oldenburg region, our large connected areas are also a major advantage. After all, it helps us keep an eye on everything. 


Whether it's our universal pruning machine or ultra-modern work vehicles – we regularly invest in our equipment to not only maintain the quality of our products, but to improve it. 


Even if everything else is on the move here,  we're stubborn when it comes to quality! Our stock is homogenous and boasts outstanding quality. To keep it that way, our in-house quality management system ensures that standards are complied with and only the best items are released for shipment to our customers. 


Yesterday is better than today: We are passionate about shipping! Our modern logistics centre makes it possible to deliver all plants "just in time" or even a bit sooner. Our enclosed cultivation area helps us to do so. Our bundled flow of goods and specialised plant forwarders mean we can deliver orders on short notice on a daily basis.