There's a lot going on here! That's why we could use your help. That is, of course, if you love plants, don't mind getting your hands dirty and want to be part of a successful team! We also assume that you're motivated, take the initiative and are on the ball! If you see yourself in one of the following professions, then send us your relevant application – we are also happy to accept unsolicited applications. 


 As a trained gardener specialising in tree nurseries or the cultivation of ornamental plants, you feel most at home outdoors, know all about the botanic names and can handle modern planting technology. In a nutshell,  you have a green thumb and know exactly what a plant needs when and in what amount.  


Are you trained in business or logistics? – Then maybe you're the candidate we're looking for. After all, to make sure production goes smoothly, we need real pros working in the background to orchestrate everything and make sure it goes according to plan.


 Not trained in the above areas, but still interested in actively helping out with shipping or production during the season? We'd love to hear from you.