Our business thrives on what the natural world produces. That's why we are so passionate about protecting it. Through integrated cultivation with minimal use of plant protection agents combined with environmentally-friendly production.  We integrate natural resources and nature's own regulating mechanisms in our everyday production activities. Whether it's recycling plastic waste, using environmentally-friendly pest control alternatives or protecting beneficial insects like bees and bumble bees, for us, making sure that our production is efficient and environmentally-friendly is of paramount importance. And because this is so important to us, we now hold certification in accordance with GLOBAL G.A.P. 


As much as necessary, as little as possible: For years, we have refrained from using conventional chemical agents for pest control whenever possible. Thanks to our decades of experience, we know all about environmentally-friendly alternatives. We are particularly passionate about protecting bees. To keep any disturbance to an absolute minimum when we are maintaining and protecting our plants, we get to work very early or we schedule certain work for later in the evening. This means we stay out of the way of these beneficial insects, who are essential for life and the entire ecosystem, as much as possible.