The Meganolia® cannot fail to captivate you with its 30 cm bright pink blooms – the unique highlight in the garden in spring!


The Meganolia®’ ornamental shrub transforms itself from April onwards into a feast for the eyes with magnificent pink ball-shaped blooms measuring up to 30 cm across. Even as a young plant, this magnolia is covered with large, deeply coloured dreamlike blooms, which are wind-resistant, thanks to their rigid structure, and so remain longer on the tree. This new rarity grows to a height of approx. 5 metres and prefers a sunny to semi-shady site, where it unfolds its full beauty as a feature plant.

Magnolie ‘Meganolia Pink’


Flowering period: March-April | Site: sunny to semi-shady | Height: up to 5 m


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Meganolia®: Diese Pflanze unterliegt dem Sortenschutz ( 'JURmag2'). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur ist verboten!