Camellia 1001 Summer Nights®

Experience the magic of One Thousand and One Nights with the Camellia 1001 Summer Nights®. This fascinating plant enchants the garden or balcony with its individual, brightly red flowers that sparkle like stars in the night. The Camellia 1001 Summer Nights® surprises with its exceptionally long flowering period from summer to winter, and its shiny, dark green foliage is a true eye-catcher. 

Camellia 1001 Summer Nights®

  • Individual, brightly red flowers
  • Long flowering period from summer to winter
  • Abundant blooming, dense growth
  • Sunny/(semi-)shady location
  • Hardy down to –10º C


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Camellia 1001 Summer Nights® Jasmine: Diese Pflanze unterliegt dem Sortenschutz ('Yulan01'PBR) Nr. EU 63237. Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur ist verboten!