Eucalyptus with romantic flair

Whether as a dry arrangement or in a tub on the terrace - Eucalyptus Blaue Liebe® is a trendy plant with added value that can be used almost anywhere. If you rub the silvery-blue leaves between your hands, the compact-growing plant gives off an aromatic fragrance.

Blaue Liebe®

  • filigree, blue leaf
  • suitable for the terrace
  • hardy
Eucalyptus is excellent for drying: Cut off branches and dry upside down in a bundle for a few days.

Suitable for floristry

Whether in a bridal bouquet, as a dry arrangement or as a wreath - Eucalyptus Blaue Liebe® makes florists' hearts beat faster.


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Blaue Liebe®: Diese Pflanze unterliegt dem Sortenschutz ('Ion40'PBR), Nr. EU 20162116. Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur ist verboten!